I ate marshmallows, (not the good kind...) and I don't regret it

Oops,  what have I done?, not only did I buy them but I also ate 3 of them big ones (they have gelatin... yacks...) AND, I enjoyed them to no end.

As I drove back from the supermarket listening to Richard Freeman's Yoga Matrix, (for the 6th time or so), I got to thinking about the gunas, the tendencies of the mind to be either Tamasic (lethargic), Satvic (balanced) or Rajasic (altered, anxious).

The interesting thing is that Richard, unconventional as he is, described them differently, in terms of Tamas being the "past" instead of the dull sleepy state, Rajas as being anxiety over the future, as in over planning or being overly excited on waiting for something to come to pass, and Satva as being the point of union in the eternal now.

So there I am driving and remembering how the food I ate in Thailand while at retreat was so satvic, all the time, and how I was about to eat marshmallows, on a cold spring afternoon, which, although romantic, is not satvic at all.

That is when the next portion of Richard's talk came to the rescue.

He says that when we TRY to do everything satvic-ly, then paradoxically we become rajasic, inmediatelly, because as soon as we try to control things  (try to make it all satvic never enjoying a marshmallow) then we produce anxiety about the future and how we want things to be or look like.

INSTEAD, if we just observe the cycle of life and accept the fact that the gunas will come and go, i.e.: if I just observe how I enjoy eating a marshmallow with BF by the stove, we automatically beome satvic again.

Isn't that sweet?  the concept I mean, not the marshmallow  :-)

So I ended up enjoying my treat, and boy did I like it! all satvic me.


  1. Yes, Richard made all much easier :), good to read from you ply

  2. I think food is the perfect place to try and stay Satvic. We get so worked up about ingredients and sources and good vs bad, when sometimes we should just enjoy how something tastes and not worry. I just wish you could buy those things in small containers, otherwise you end up with a lot of extra marshmallows. An excuse to make rice krispie bars, I guess.

    Funny post!

  3. Its truly satvic when you burn the marshmallow and then eat the crispy edges. WHY DONT YOU TRUST ME ON THAT??

  4. Hi Brenda yeap ! good point, wish they would sell them in small containers too... perhaps vegan also, although that may be too much to ask for now... I had not thought about krispie bars... hmmm...

    James, I am afraid that is not satvic... it is however a lot of fun ;-)

  5. Love this post! Sometimes to enjoy life you need a good marshmallow and if it takes one marshmallow every few months I say go for it girl!


    Groovy Girl

  6. And what were you worried about in the first place? They're "Naturally Fat Free"..!! :-) See? 82,000 ways to look at things (delusions), right? Might as well immed. pick the one that works in your favor! (if you can't catch yourself in time to be satvic by rejecting the rajas in your satvic posturing..er.. You got it right! Eat The Marshmallow. That's the Universe talking there! :-)

  7. Hi Karmadogg, and Groovy Girl, exactly!! :-)


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