32 Unusual Ways to Love Ourselves

I happen to think that loving ourselves is the very first principle for anything in life.  Without self love it is difficult to love others, or to give.

Although it sounds selfish and counterintuitive self love is the only way in which we can learn how to love another one.  Seeing what is good in us is the fundamental principle behind seeing what is good in everyone, in recognizing our own divinity, and hence others' divinities.

Warning, this might lead to better self esteem at worst and the realization that we are all divine beings at best.
  1. Learning to say "thank you but I think I will skip" when we do not want to do something
  2. Taking responsibility for how we feel
  3. Using only positive and glorious words when talking about ourselves
  4. Before eating asking "what is the healthiest most nutritious thing I can eat now"?, then trusting what we hear, really trusting. May be ice-cream today, might be spinach tomorrow, if we trust.
  5. Taking a media fast once in a while
  6. Taking a "me" day off, for real
  7. Praying at home, in the train, in the car, during laundry, after yoga, on the street, in the shower...
  8. Taking a long walk, with only ourselves
  9. Remembering our priorities
  10. Honoring those whom we love
  11. Using place mats and the art of conversation during meals
  12. The kitchen sink is always empty and clean
  13. Making the bed every morning
  14. Taking a Saturday afternoon for a beauty treatment (can be done at home very afford-ably)
  15. Writting down ten things we would like to experience in this lifetime
  16. Looking at the list often
  17. Reaching out to someone we know needs it
  18. Giving something away
  19. Speaking half the times we think we need to
  20. Organizing the closet
  21. Buying clothes only if they fit 2 criteria: 1-comfortable and 2-makes me feel fabulous
  22. Avoiding drama at all costs
  23. But 22 does not mean we avoid dealing with issues we know we need to deal with
  24. Speaking up when is necessary
  25. Learning to be compassionate towards others but also and most importantly to ourselves
  26. Going to bed at around the same time every night
  27. Making sure we go to the bathroom for 1 and 2 every day
  28. Looking at our reflection and going "Wow you are hot"
  29. Appreciating that it really does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be
  30. Using our energy efficiently
  31. Sending love towards the Earth
  32. Playing, often.


  1. Perfect for framing and placing by one's dresser or desk..

  2. Glad you like it fft, maybe I will print it pretty and send it "dresser ready" for anyone who wants it :-)

  3. Beautiful!
    I agree with you Claudia! One of the biggest lessons I have learned from practice is that compassion practiced on yourself spreads to compassion practiced on everyone you interact with!

  4. Hi Christine, yes, that is a good one! and a hard lesson isn't it ?? :-)

  5. My New Years resolution is to only say positive things about myself to me and others. What a great guideline this will be. Thank you.

  6. I love this post and will definitely use it. Thank you for this inspiration

  7. Vicky, glad to hear that!, happy v day

  8. This is my first visit to this blogspot and am loving it!!

    Thank you!

  9. Anonymous glad you like it :-) ! Welcome

  10. Excellent list, Claudia.

  11. 24 still to go :) :(

  12. I actually wrote 24 sereis of 32s already, at some point it will reach 32... guess 8 more to go! :)


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