32 Unusual things I learned from my yoga journey so far

Ever since I took sail into the river of yoga I have been going through new challenges and learning things I did not know, well, actually, some I kind of knew but not really, not at a visceral level, take for example number one, it is easy to repeat those words, it is another thing to believe it.

I would be very curious to know what you would add.
  1. Yes, I can
  2. Time is circular, all things go in cycles
  3. My body is lovely, regardless of whatever anyone else thinks, it can do amazing things like Suya A every day
  4. There is more to yoga than what we do in the mat
  5. Living yoga outside of the mat is a lot harder than kapotasana seems to be
  6. Being kind towards other people is much more difficult than supta kurmasana
  7. Writing a blog about one's journey throughout yoga is scarey, threatening, wonderful, inevitable, at least for me
  8. I can go unconsciuos easily sometimes, like those days where I have been thinking of something else and wake up in Upavista Konasana thinking: "wow, I did all of that"?
  9. Ashtanga teachers are one of the most wonderful things that happened to my world
  10. Meditation is the most rewarding part of the practice
  11. Meditation is one of the things that saves me in daily living, it is what gives me enough peace and discernment to stop the reactivity 
  12. I am sure that prathyahara is pretty similar to what I feel when I get adjusted into a very difficult position, where I totally withdraw all senses due to the intensity
  13. I do not believe it is possible to experience all branches of yoga while at asana practice
  14. Ahimsha is widely misunderstood, the first ahimsha or non-harming and the most challenging to learn is that which we exercise towards ourselves
  15. Who am I NOT to think I am qualified to (fill in the blank)?
  16. In the deep silence of meditation, when things are really quiet, sometimes I can feel true peace
  17. I am a lot less neurotic these days, I even pause before I react, sometimes
  18. Yoga has not turned me into an englithened being but it sure has made me much happier than I was before, and that happiness has a lot to do with being content with the way things are, right now, in this moment.
  19. Yoga friends and cyber friends are a gem, I am grateful
  20. Remembering to be grateful for the basic things, like being able to hear, see, walk, reminds me how blessed I am in every way, all the time
  21. Praying "Thank you dear God"  as many times as I remember throughout the day has worked miracles in life
  22. I trust a little more these days
  23. I have released a lot of wegith
  24. I am trying lots of new things, and a all of them are taking me totally out of my comfort zone
  25. Taking little breaks at work to do yoga in the bathroom was a very good idea
  26. The real yoga is the one we practice in relation to others, as it is in reaction to others that we get exposed to our deepest traumas and neurosis
  27. Yoga is to be used so that we keep it real, very real
  28. Real as in doing the practice everyday and also making the bed, doing the dishes and being in the world
  29. I know now, at a visceral level than we do our practice, all is indeed coming
  30. Many times saying nothing is the best thing to do
  31. I am still in awe at the Gita and probably will continue to be so forever
  32. I am beyond grateful that yoga chose me


  1. Love #30. #2 also. And I need to do #21 more. I love all of them actually. I think you can come up with "32 unusual things about"...anything

  2. Such a beautiful post! I loved hearing how Ashtanga Yoga has touched your life. Sending you love and light~

  3. Hi Claudia,

    I would like to add this:-

    Through yoga I learned that if we changed our mindset, nothing is impossible.

    Love & light,

  4. yoga has touch my life too and i can see the change each day

  5. @ James, nice, yeah. And behold I believe I can indeed come up with 32 everything, my 32 everything guide to life hee hee

    @Ashtangi, it's nice to meet you,I am all curious about med students who are into ashtanga, will add your blog to my roll. thanks for the light :-)

    @ Karin, Yoga and wellness well put, yes, I like it, that is 33!

    @Lilasvb, yes that is true, it is something we notice daily, one moment at the time, thank you for that one, 34!

  6. So many of these are true to me too. I'm thankful for #9, #19, #22 :)

  7. Hi yyogini, yes we are so lucky to have ashtanga teachers!!! Glad you related too :-)

  8. Very nice, Claudia. Here's something I'll like to add: "How do you expect to get a paycheck without putting in the work?"

  9. @Nobel, good one, I guess by paycheck you mean development in the spiritual work and by work you mean practice... I like it, Houston we have a 35!

  10. This is a great list, my favorites are 4, 5, 6 and 30, and I found 12 to be interesting too. You've inspired me to create my own list :)

    Totally unrelated question here from a curious reader, but I notice that a lot of your lists have 32 items on them...any significance?

  11. @Danielle, great, these lists are useful. The 32 is a funny thing, one day I was thinking of unusual ways to love myself, which I turned into a post, for some reason I just kept going till 32... so in a way 32 chose me...

  12. Hi Claudia,

    I never comment on blogs, but I found your blog recently and I love it.

    I read somewhere on here (maybe the things you wish you'd known about ashtanga before staring it?) to say thanks to my yoga teacher for adjustments... we have had a "fill in" ashtanga teacher the last 2 weeks while my regular teachers are away. I made a point of going up to him to say thanks for the last 2 weeks this morning, and I could see he was totally chuffed. Good tip!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


  13. Hi Gemma, that is beautiful, think I will follow you on that one, I do feel gratitude towards my teachers but rarely actually say it out loud, good thought...


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