The most obvious and under appreciated Yoga secret

Mind sends the first jolt of distracting thoughts as Sharath finishes the opening chant in front of my mat: Is my Sun Salute credible

Then I remembered what I was reading the night before over endless jetlagged insomnia I cannot cure. Ironic, you may suggest, that I wrote a post on it.
While doing the postures your mind should be in an interior conscious... it means silence, emptiness... awareness of the sensations given by the posture” 

But it does not last, brain at work again: Who are the two teachers going around the shala adjusting students? Maybe those recently given certification? 

As soon as you learn how to relax the tongue and the throat, you know how to relax the brain

There it was! 
I had heard Richard Freeman talk about having an inner smile, opening the palate, even read the paragraph above that morning, but it all had to come together at the right time, under the right energy, pressure, sleep deprivation, over exertion, lack of my usual surroundings of protection, foreign country, no hot water.

The mouth and jaw relaxed and I felt ashamed because as soon as the face is calm there is an opening that reveals "God". All of a sudden Ishwaraha, the infinite, is palpable. There is a certain shame I feel in recognizing that I love God, as if I am not qualified to express it, not in front of others.  So I cannot relax my jaw, it will look like I am happy or something. I won't be cool.
Working through the shame suddenly the dristi started going where it had to go, and then I was strong and relaxed even though I have not slept in over 48 hours for more than a cat nap. 
This is how devotion enters the practice, by relaxing the jaw, mouth, tongue. 
It is so simple, it is obviously a well kept secret.  

Oh yes, if you have not yet, you will enjoy reading it.


  1. I love light on life and find it to be so dense with wisdom, each sentence to be contemplated and brought to the mat. Ray Long has just launched a new blog on anatomy and yoga . . . Come and check it out! I find his books have revolutionalized my practice . ..
    Namaste Claudia

  2. Hy Eryn, cool thanks for the suggestion will check :-)


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