Laghu Vajrasana: First Sketches in the Pink

I am getting comfortable with primary series which is a sure sing you are about to be invited to go forward into the next intermediate pose.

This is the first sketch of Laghu Vajrassana.  The head is meant to go all the way to the floor, but not at the sacrifice of having the knees lift up, which could happen, but I am not letting it.  So I am not that close to the floor yet. That is why I call it a first sketch.

I am quite happy to be here, never thought I would go so fast through all of the intermediate poses and I would be at kapotasana minus one (meaning that kapotasana is the next pose).  It is all coming.  Perhaps fast.

And what is up with the dress?  Well since you ask, it is one of the dresses I had made in Mysore by Rashinkar. I cannot really wear it for now -at least I find a tailor- because it is huge. However it is perfect for yoga because of its its immense comfort. Also,  I think laghu looks a lot better in pink.


  1. Great work, Claudia! Keep working on it :-)

  2. Love the frock, nice laghu work too, think those Vinyasa krama one leg postures where you squat are good for building up leg strength.

  3. Lilasvb, glad you too like pink :-) I appreciate it.

    Thanks Nobel, you know it, I will keep on working at it...

    Grimmly, thanks... hmm, grabbing the vinyasa krama book now to remember what that is all about, or better yet, will visit your website.

  4. Gee, that Uttita padangustasana "variation" looks really hard!! and there is no way I could do the last four! but the beginning looks manageable

  5. Great sketches and I love the pink dress. I just did some yoga in my suit pants while my kids took a bath...not quite as comfortable as this looks. Hee hee.

  6. They're all pretty tough but in the beginning you don't have to go all the way perhaps I tend to do either the utthita hasta padangusthasana one, the Ardha badha padmottanasana or the one from the triangle sequence, that ones horrid. I dreaded videoing those.

  7. yes, I can totally see how you would not go all the way, I tried that almost illegal one, the uttita modified, and was able to go to like a quarter of the way, grrr... really difficult!

    Quite a nice display you have there of all the sequences!

    And by the way, finally got the CD


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