Krishnamacharya "Possibly" Enlightened

I got mad, really upset.  I wanted to identify with what is real, with the unlimited all prevading consciousness, and got all disgusted at noticing how I am still identifying with my ego: Will people like my book? or will they hate it? I feel fat today, My body aches. I mean, how low can I be?

Wrong Knowledge, wrong identification.

I am enjoying the 20 hour course with Ramaswami, really great to meet someone who has dedicated his life to yoga and that studied one-on-one with Krishnamacharya for 30 years.  An honor really. Gratitude.

There is not a lot of chanting as most of the class consists in going over the philosophy and the translation and trying to understand what each sutra means. We have a small group of people,  mostly women -guess you could have told me that- and lots of lively discussions, especially around the part where the "G" word -as in God, sshhh- gets to be mentioned.   We do not like that word in New York.

It is incredible how scientific and down-to-earth Patanjali is, how realistic, how no-fluff, how it all comes down to very real verifiable truths.  Rational is the word.

As you know the Sutras open with Samadhi, or that state where we are one with pure consciousness, or God, or that which is always permanent, that which does not suffer and never dies... however you want to call it.

Ramaswami said he never experienced it.  So I asked if he thought that his teacher  -Krishnamacharya-had experienced it: "Possibly" ... "Perhaps that is why he spoke with so much conviction".




All this work.



I think I am beginning to get it. There is no enlightenment, it is a scam.

We can move closer to identifying with the right thing, the pure consciousness that inhabits no space. Patanjali has a whole list on how to do it.  He should have been a blogger. But will we experience it? I am not holding my breath.


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  1. Hope springs eternal. Hope you'll share more :)

  2. Hi Yoginicory, thansk for the linking in your post :-) just twitted... And yes, you know me, I cannot help it, will be sharing!

  3. Hmmm...very interesting...wish I could be there (if nothing else, I'd help even out the male-female ratio)...

  4. So glad your enjoying studying with Ramaswami, wish i could take that course again and again, I suspect that it's different every time, whatever question you happen to have, whichever sutra you raise you just know he'll have all this background source material in his head to call upon, a sloka ( which he will of course chant), a remembered discussion with his teacher on that very point, a story about some Rishi.....

    I like his use of the yuja root for yoga
    " Based on this interpretation, the yoga of patanjali is a system of practice that leads to the total harnessing of mental energy, without any dissipation whatsoever (nirodaha. "completely contained'). One can note that ultimately it is not unity with a higher principle that is aimed for in this form of yoga, but, rather, the removal of all the distractions of the mind. When such a feat is achieved, the purusha, the indwelling consciousness principle, remains alone (kaivalya), free from the distractions created by the mind.'

    from Ramaswami's book Yoga for the three stages of life

    Whether or not there is an indwelling principle, the 'removal of all distractions of the mind' alone seems something worth working at.

    Make sure he tells you the story of the dancer who dances for the disinterested king (if he hasn't done so all ready) it relates to purusha.

  5. -i did not understand this .Are you saying there is no such thing as enlightenment ? (then you are generalizing based on few observations)

  6. You feeling disgusted with yourself for identifying with your ego is maybe a bigger problem than the egopart? Don't judge yourself. Be kind!
    And to give up the expectation of such a thing as samadhi is probably a good way of reaching it, if there is such a thing :-) I like to think there is. That feeling of overwhelming love and generosity that I sometimes feel after practice....I would like to think that that's a little taste of samadhi! But trying to reach it everytime or make it a lasting and total experience would probably make me loose it completely so I'm happy with that little preview.

  7. Yoga for Cynics, that is funny!! ha ha

    Grimmly, yes I think you would enjoy it, and you are right he has told many stories and in any sutra we call him he has so much knowledge! it is great.

    He DID tell the story of the dancer! twice, I think... Interesting on the first stura, in this talk he said that the root of the word yoga is rather used as "peace" more than union... which changed the whole game for me, yet again... I am loving it, today we did Book 2 so it got a lot more manageable, and we asked all sorts of questions about Krishnamacharya, I feel so lucky!

    Aclarke, you are right it is a generalization and a bad joke out of my own frustration. What I am indeed implying is that it is not easy... that to removes all the old habits of thinking that we have and clear the mind may take ages! that is where the "I am not holding my breath" part came in, which mind you, may be wrong as I am a pranayama practitioner wanna-be.

    Helena, well, yes that was my idea going into the course, but now listening to Ramaswami I get that Patanjali -through Krishnamacharya's interpretation- tells us that the identification with the right self the Purusha makes us completely indifierent... not happy or unhappy, not feeling love and generosity but rather completely detached from everything, and yes filled with peace, perhaps what you experience is a glimpse... I don't know any better... but I am getting that is more a sense of complete detachment where nothing really matters at all because we are finally identifying with that which does not change or die...

    On being kind to myself, you are of course right, I must be kinder, I just got this reaction...


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