Dry Skin Brushing?

Do you dry-brush your skin?
I saw Kiki's video on dry brushing while I was completely sick, broken, on the floor, not able to move and so full of antibiotics I KNEW that my skin was totally blocked.  I was a mess.

A few weeks ago, and thanks to the magic of Dr H, the Chinese Doctor that saved me with herbs, I had enough mental energy to recognize one of those dry brushes at the health store, and got one, although now that I think about it, mine looks a bit harsher than this one.

Not only that but I had also started my practice, and although my recovery was slow, painfully slow, I began to sweat a little here and there, to open the pores. It felt good.

Ever since that visit to the health food store I have started using the brush daily and must tell you: the thing works!

Not only do I feel like the lotions (lately I am a fan of sesame oil plus some lotion on top), are getting into the skin and they stay there giving a lustrous shining to the biggest organ in my body, I also get to smell them on my skin the following morning, they stick around!

I sometimes feel a bit like a horse or a dog being brushed like this, it is very new to me, and the funny thing is that this makes me feel wild and connected to nature in a way I did not anticipate.

Love the new ritual.  And if you would like more on it, here is Kiki telling it from her perspective: (if you can't see the video go to ClaudiaYoga.com)


  1. Love love love Ms. Kimberly Flynn, thanks for introducing me to her video wisdom.

  2. yes, she has some great videos! :-) glad you liked it

  3. Love dry skin brushing...have been a fan for years. dry skin brush 1st, then take hot bath or shower, then oil...........aaahh, heaven.

  4. Nice Jaya, seems I was the only one who did not know!!! I am loving it!

  5. Very interesting, Claudia. Look forward to giving it a shot.

  6. Thanks for the reminder, Claudia. I need to get my brushes out again:))
    My skin is so dry!!!

  7. Ari, have a feeling you may like it...

    Aimee, isn't it funny? I had seen those brushes all over the healthfood stores and never knew what they were for, really handy for the winter dryness too... glad you were reminded!


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