Flowing With Well-Being: 15 Things I Did on My Birthday

James tells me that on your birthday you should do things you want to do everyday in the year ahead. This is so as to set the tone, to get it started in the right direction.  I don't know where he got that from but it makes sense to me.  I am all for setting up the stage, planting seeds, mapping out and plotting in Excel spreadsheets like I did that time...

The one thing I would like to focus on this year is in the attending to the flow of well-being that happens only in the present moment.  That is the intention.

So, on my birthday yesterday I did only things that generated positive energy.  I only focused on those who loved me and on loving me, on doing things that are important to me, like taking a nap, and on setting up that 2012 stage, somethings surprised me:

1.- Love: Started the day surrounded with love and kisses from James. That was sweet!

2.- Blog: Put attention into the blog and took steps to register for Sharath's upcoming tour. You may have noticed that in the Jois Yoga page the registration info is all crossed over.  I asked about that, hopefully they will fix it soon!

3.-Presence: Read some of the 'Power of Now' before practice to come back to the present. This was a gift in itself.  Through reading the pages I browsed I realized that the real enemy is linear time, in the actual present moment there are no issues other than the ones that the mind wants to create by projecting issues from the past or fears into the future.

4.-Generating Positive Energy: Kept the energy at a positive level, no old grudges, no complaining, no negativity allowed.  Welcomed the well-being and felt it at every moment, one moment at the time.  See Sharath talking about the importance of generating positive energy here.
I intend to attend to the flow of well-being
5.-Gratitude: Returning to the now made me aware of how lucky I am to be well, healthy, happy.

6.-Practice: Did my practice with the body I had  today which was not a particularly flexible one!  I am back to the introduction of pasasana, krounchasana both shalabasanas and the next pose which literally takes the wind out of me.  I stopped then, no sense in pushing.  I enjoyed being present for every nuance and every move.

7.-Breakfast: Ate pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips for breakfast, my favorite! - with James,, he seems to like them too, apparently I am a good pancakes chef.

8.-Walk: Went for a walk by the river in the sun.  I feel that walking goes hand in hand with the morning pages practice for creativity and I love the nature near the Hudson River.

9.- Rest: Took a nap and had Chinese noodles take out for early dinner so there would be no dishes

10.- Self-Care:Painted my nails in a new shade of red, this was also surprising, there was quite a bit of pink in this red...I also did a "beauty treatment" with oils and skin brushing. That felt good...

new year, new shade
11.Learning/Entertainment: Watched two episodes of Shark Tank. I am really enjoying this show because I get to learn a LOT about business, things I never understood are now becoming clear and I love it.  Having James around of course helps.  Here is James amazing article on the 10 lessons he learned from the Shark Tank.   I love learning new things!

12.- Yoga Nidra: Took a deep session of yoga nidra, a new practice to me and one that is proving very effective for relaxation, well being, and inspiration. See here for 5 things I did not know about yoga nidra.

13.- Pranayama/Meditation: Did my practice.

14.- Family and Friends: E-mailed and answered emails from loved ones

15.- Sleep: Went to bed early and woke up to the surprise that Meryl Streep won the Oscar for best actress for her portray of Margaret Thatcher. I am happy for her, I love how strong the divine female archetype is coming back!
What an amazing talent


  1. I dont see drink to extreme excess and dance on tabletops on the list anywhere? You need lessons in Birthday

    1. Hey Tim, guess we are different, drinking in extreme and dancing on tabletops is not on my list of things that make me happy, in fact, I can see how they could make someone unhappy, but that is just me, this was nice just the way it was...

  2. Happy belated birthday!! Thanks for posting this. My birthday is coming up this weekend and I have been dreading it. I think I am going to use some of your ideas - except the pancakes. Although they sound delicious, I stopped eating sugar a couple years ago.

  3. Hi Autum, congratulations on the sugar cut! And I hope you have a great Bday weekend :-)

  4. Love this! This will be my "To Do" List for tomorrow (even though its a work day, I think I can find time for most of the things!) You are awesome. Thanks for writing and inspiring me.

  5. Happy belated birthday! This was a nice read, I have always enjoyed simple things and will take a clue for my birthday. Love the red toenails!

  6. Happy Belated birthday! I'm a brand new reader and I love your blog. Ashtanga has done a lot for me and its because of people like you sharing love and positivity! keep shining xo.

    1. Sharon, welcome to the blog,glad you told me. Good to hear Ashtanga is doing good things for you too...I am luuuuving it! and yes shine ... let's

  7. Hi Claudia, it was a well-connected idea on Power of Now and the practice. After reading your blog, I picked up the book again to read few pages before I went to mysore practice yesterday. Thanks for sharing this on your birthday. Happy birthday too!

    1. Thank you! and isnt it great how it helps to read a few pages of it? I find it brings me back to the present... enjoy Sunday practice :-)

  8. Belated Happy Birthday;

    I am grateful to you for Blogging. I find your blog interesting, and inspirational. I am working to heal from a chronic illness and I do a home yoga practice.

    Love and Blessings

  9. Thanks Shea, and my prayers and thoughts are with you, keep strong! Hope healing comes now :-)


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