Do You Get Annoyed at the "Fool" Thing?

I confess, I dislike the April's Fool thing. It makes me angry (?), (I know...), (issues). And for no reason at all. Other than some unobserved old conditioning -obviously!-, and lack of being in the present moment at all times. Oh! when would one become a yogi, I wonder?

But the "Fool" per say, I kind of like, and not just for the obvious reasons (me being one most of the time), there is also a very important one related to my personal Ashtanga Yoga practice. [If you cannot see the pictures go to]
Young spirit in the brink of an abyss
few possessions and an open heart
From the moment I laid eyes on my first tarot card deck, some time last century, I became enchanted with his open heart disposition. He seemed ready for whatever may come, well dressed, contented, with good shoes -foundation-, glowing in the sun.  His instinct, represented by the dog, is alive and sharp. There is no fear here. Only new beginnings, constant, ever, new beginnings. Presence!

Although the card in this deck portraits the fool as having the #0, traditionally, Wikipedia tells me, the Fool is associated with NO NUMBER at all.  No mind, no ennumeration, no rational, in fact, more of a joke.

L'Excuse from the French Tarot card game - No Number
In some traditions the Fool is a part of the major arcana, something that without even knowing much about, seems to echo importance, higher realms, achievement, while in other traditions it is the equivalent of a joker, a pass, an escape.

Such discrepancies ranging the whole spectrum (from joke to accomplishment) tells me that the Fool is neither one nor the other, it is a zero and yet it is not a zero.

Might the fool be the ever presence? Never crowded by memories or affected by old emtioins? Never worrying about a future that might or might not include a precipice?
Is the Fool perhaps the neti neti neti? An invitation to enter the infinite, ever-prevading now?

Seen in that light I fancy myself lucky that my fifth year anniversary of daily-uninterrupted practice of Ashtanga Yoga happens on that day, on an April 1.  The day dedicated to this archetype.

One of the earliest pictures I can find when I started
daring to photograph some yoga -
Buenos Aires' Obelisk circa 2007- 2008
Although my journey to Ashtanga started much earlier than that, in 2004, it took years to build until it became daily, and it was not until one April 1st, in 2007 that I ventured into the precipice of a committed daily practice, unaware, very much so, of what may come.
Happy Birthday!
And on that note, in this moment, I feel like a congratulations are in order. Well done me for delving deep into this fantastic journey.


  1. Daily practice rocks! Keep up the "foolery"
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. i also don't like April Fools- but mostly because it's just so close to lying... and that i don't deal well with sarcasm lol.

    Interestingly, I don't like the Fool- he's one of my least favourite cards in the deck! But then, as you say, pulling his card can be a positive happy event :)

  3. thanks for sharing the "fool".

    as for me, i ignore april fool's day. ;-)

  4. yeah, me too I ignore the April's fool day.

  5. Ignoring the April's Fool thing it is then! although I do agree that Grimmly's was funny

  6. Missed your practice's birthday, Happy belated 5th Birthday Claudia's Practice.

    nice post on the fool, makes me think of two things Shakespeare and Mr T. Wonder if the former was influenced by the tarot's treatment of the fool, dates seem about right and there's always been that question regarding Shakespeare's reinvention of the fool in the theatre.

    1. Thank you :-) Not sure which Mr T you refer to... and yes I forgot about Shakespeare and the fool, he has does have a big play with the archetype!


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