First James Kiss

I wanted to kiss her but God wasn’t sending a message yet. I was too shy to kiss unless God sent some lightening down. A real sharp blast that would blow up the atmosphere.  Everyone would squeal. Birds would fly in awkward directions, smashing into light poles, or boats. She would move closer and I would put my tongue straight in her mouth. The world would never be the same. But God was leaving me alone on this one.
Three years later you can fart in front of a girl, no problem. Two times, three times. They don’t even notice. Sometimes you even stop showering for a week at a time. They notice but whatever. Three years. What are you doing to do?
Claudia and I were on our second date. I wined and dined her. I forced her to drink alcohol during lunch. She didn’t even want to drink, I could tell, but I was drinking. So I forced her. I said, “C’mon, just one glass of wine”.  Maybe I would even get her back to my apartment although that filled me with too much nervousness.

More from James here... Sweet.

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