Video Of Garbha Pindasana A Year Ago And Today -

Some doctors thought a pose like this would be impossible for me. Ever!

I feel like a kid in a craft store, I have videos of a few poses taken a year ago and now I can re-take them.  It fulfills my desire of documenting the progress of what happens to a person as she surrenders herself to this wonderful practice of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Lucky me. 

Here is garbha pindasana at around this time in 2011. A bit messy, but I remember being so happy at the fact that I could FINALLY get my legs in lotus and hold them there for the duration.

In two operations I had both meniscuss (ligament tissue in the knees) removed.  Both knees took a long time recovering, that is why the doctors were skeptical. Amazing what a daily practice can do ha?

And here it is yesterday.  It feels tighter, more controlled, and in a good day I can roll up to kukutasana at the end of the round-the-world.  Who knows, maybe next year it will be every day rather than just on a good one.   Looks like this year I might also learn how to spell the pose's name. Maybe.

Action starts at around 0:30

When I look at it I am reminded to never give up, to always continue with the practice.  There is always a deeper place to go.


  1. That's fantastic!  Well done Claudia.  You look a lot thinner than you were last year as well.

  2. Thank you John

  3. That is awesome! If you don't mind me ask, why did you have to have the mensisci removed from both knees? Was it yoga-related?

  4. No, it was before yoga, first knee in 1992 second in 1996 I think... It was due to a rough playing in my childhood...  my knees started getting jammed and the doctors suggested the surgery...  but not yoga related at all...

  5. Nice job Claudia, love having couple of videos to compare, managed to cue them to have you rolling about in both and  at the same time, much more composed and controlled in the second one. Is that oil or water and is it just for the video, in the shala is sweat enough or do you still need a little help. Tried oil once but then when i started putting my legs behind my head for  supta kapotasana they kept pinging off.
    Same here with knees, old op's in the past had to give up Aikido, Iaido but strangely yoga is fine despite all the pretzeling.

  6. Thanks Grimmly, I did not even think to synch them and play them at the same time, neat idea, will try...

    It is just water... In Mysore I NEVER need it, but here in NY I often do. I don't use oil for the same reasons you say, always just use water, otherwise the oil makes a mess in any subsequent pose, like pasasana..

    And yes, it is quite the miracle that yoga somehow would float above all knee issues and eventualy get us there... must be something to this yoga thing  :-)


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