Kapotasana First Scketch Video

Well, the day is today the time is this time, and Kapotasana is here.  Greg helped me at the studio with some basics, said I should try it without any wall help, or with James help I may add.  Here comes the video with him helping me, I believe James will be the first adjuster to help on intermediate series without ever trying it, god bless him.  Here is the link in case it does not show.

Of course it is a FIRST ATTEMPT, so it is supposed to be as disastrous as this one, but I actually don't think it is that disastrous, it is just the first time, and I love having these videos to compare to a year or so down the line.

The next pose which for the love of god I don't seem to remember the name of, ever, OK, just looked it up, its Supta Vajrasana seems much better put together even on first attempt, I suppose the years of practicing the finishing poses help it.

All in all I am a very happy camper playing with all of this new poses, feel like a kid in a candy store feeling all the new openings and how things get a tiny bit better every day, it feels like when I was leaning primary, each practice a very exciting endeavor.

And there you have it. Seems the world did not end, so I might have a couple more years to practice it and see if indeed all does come, including Kapo.


  1. Welcome to the exciting world of Kapo, Claudia! If you would like a suggestion: Maybe you can get James to help you to bring your pelvis further forward (or you can also bring it forward yourself, by hanging there for a few breaths before dropping back). If your pelvis is further forward, you will be able to land your hands closer to your feet.

    But you have dirgha kala to work on this, so no need to hurry :-)

  2. wow.that looks fantastic for a first try! and so sweet seeing james assist you.

  3. Loved the video, encouraging to ourselves to see things coming along, but to others also who get to see the real world rather than the fancy deep effortless Kapo's (which of course mostly started off here). My own kapo seems to have gone awol. After writing a post a while back saying how you never seem to lose it I'm back to my toes rather than ankles so will take encouragement and inspiration from your hard work to get it back.

    Need to get Misa to watch this for my own Supta Vajrasna...could get her to put a couple of nags of sugar in her pocket for extra weight. James is getting good at this. Sharath will have him adjusting the room next trip to Mysore

  4. yes, the pelvis forward, of course, like in Laghu, of course, working on it, note made, thanks Nobel. And you are right I do have a whole kala to work on it, or until when i die, whatever comes first :-)

  5. Thanks, I'm lucky to have him around indeed, he is learning all these tips now and wants to help me on the next try.

  6. You are right, the real world, does not get more real than that, funny someone said in one of my youtube videos that i clearly dont do these videos to flatter myself, right on!

    As per your kapo, well, you are more into the pranayama and long breathings these days, i am sure the pose can return if given enough energy, you seem to have a much easier time with the difficult asanas, something that i always envyed about you, in a good way, and in secret... but I know what you mean, it is discouraging when one of them sort of goes away, after all that work!

    AS per James yes i am sure he will be asked to help in the main shala, he is getting so good! just got some tips from Nobel and Susan on keeping the pelvis towards the front and he cant wait to try, I got a bit of a cold and fever today, so maybe tomorrow.

  7. But then that was the point in our approach to videos, to show it as it is, the process and perhaps, if we're lucky, catch the first good one rather than a beautifully refined version ( which is nice too), love that vanity doesn't get in the way of you doing it either. Actually your videos are always beautiful, love the colours.

    No not discouraged (by the loss of kapo etc), kind of amused actually ( at the practices refusal to be taken for granted : ) It'll come back if I want to work on it...or not. One of the hardest things with kapo and so many other postures is the fear, once you get past that in a particular pose and know that your not going to break, it's not SO hard to get it back

  8. Hi Claudia,

    I love your video and look forward to seeing the changes over time. You seem so fearless which as Grimmly said is most of the battle with this pose I think.

    If you want some tips, I think is really important to open the upper back as much as possible in this one. I prefer to take the hands in prayer by my head and then over my head, to get as much opening as I can there. I do this first as I was encouraged to do by Louise Ellis whilst on retreat a few years ago, it makes it more comfortable for me. My chest and shoulders are quiet tight, so I do some extra work on a chair to open my upper back. Good luck and happy new year. Helen

  9. Thanks Helen, yes that is a good tip, Greg also told me and I have been trying, on this particular video I was just going for the kill I guess, bit nervous on the first recording :-)

    I am also trying the hip forwards and lots of things, hm, yes, for example the coming up from the floor that Kino does in one of her videos, that one is proving really interesting.

    We shall see how it goes!

    Interesting that you do extra work with a chair!

    Happy new year to you too


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